Building management systems

Due to today’s competitive environment, a building automation system is no longer a luxury, but an everyday necessity. Whether we are talking about individual buildings such as office buildings, banks, hotels or building complexes such as malls, university campuses or various industrial platforms, we need an automation system that allows:

  • Achieving savings in electricity, heat, etc .;
  • Security of goods and people;
  • Plus the convenience of centralized building control.

AA Tehnic offers automation solutions for buildings and smart homes since 2006. Here you can see a presentation of the automation systems that AA Tehnic implements.

TELETASK si AA Tehnic Craiova pentru utilizatori finali si arhitecti


3.1 BMS Building Management Systems

A Building Management System (BMS) known as the Building Automation System (BAS) is an electronic control system that monitors and controls the electrical and mechanical systems of the building such as HVAC, facade shading system, lighting, power supply, fire detection and signaling, and security systems.

A BMS system involves the integration of hardware and software systems, a costly financial operation but which will then generate major energy savings (electricity, gas, water, etc.).

3.2 Smart home systems

The building automation system dedicated to the residential domain (civilian building) is referred to as a smart home system or domotic system (a word composed of “domus” which in Latin means home and “computer science”).

3.3 Different automations