Building management system

A building management system (BMS) is a computerized control system that manages and automates many elements of a structure, including fire and smoke detection, lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, as well as video surveillance and security.

Everything is linked together to help you streamline and enhance your business. A contemporary and effective BMS can boost productivity, reduce operating costs, and assure the comfort and safety of those who work in the building.

Prin platforma și serviciile noastre de la AA Tehnic, intenționăm să venim în ajutorul oricărui client potențial interesaț de un astfel de sistem de management!

The Benefits of a Building Management System

  • Lighting management – Monitor your building’s power use and regulate the lighting.
  • Lower energy expenses by managing electricity use in various parts of your building.
  • Maintain a comfortable environment by monitoring the climate, air movement, and temperature.
  • Maintain building security – Monitor building security at entrances and exits, including CCTV video surveillance, intrusion detection, motion sensors, access doors, and alarms.
  • Keep employees safe in the event of an emergency – BMS systems include fire and smoke detection.
  • Reduce water expenditures by monitoring and controlling the operation of your building’s water distribution pump;
  • Elevator management entails controlling and monitoring elevators, including movement and safety.

This type of technology integrates all of the building’s networks into a single automated system. This enables administrators to monitor and analyze data, as well as access and control any section of the structure or property, from a centralized location or remotely using cloud technology. This simple-to-use centralized solution simplifies building management. Through us, AA Tehnic, the Craiova, Oltenia region may be modified and adapted to your changing needs.