Low voltage electrical installations

In our current society, electricity is unavoidable. Electricity is a simple energy source to carry and utilize. Furthermore, it serves as the foundation for a wide range of applications, ranging from home appliances to computers and the most sophisticated achievements in health, communications, and so on.

Electricity, like other kinds of energy, will only operate as long as it is used under the prescribed circumstances. AA Technic provides fast installation and maintenance!

We provide installation and maintenance for:

  • Electrical panels
  • General lighting
  • Sockets and consumer assets
  • Backup power supply (UPS + Generator)

Benefits of Low Voltage Electrical Installations

  • Regulated voltage to safeguard equipment from unexpected surges;
  • Energy consumption reductions;
  • Electrical equipment wear reduction;
  • Carbon emissions reduction;
  • Significant savings on electricity bills;
  • Additional savings through induced negative power.

Electrical installations must be built using safe electrical equipment that is appropriate for their intended purpose, and all of its components must be properly maintained. This should be done in such a way that there is no threat to human safety or the preservation of the products if maintenance and usage are carried out without fail in line with the intended purpose. We, at AA Technic, provide all of the aforementioned services in the Craiova, Oltenia area.