Smart home

Modern structures are more than just brick and stone structures. They resemble digitally connected network structures coupled with an efficient automation system. They may, however, convey and understand real-time data regarding the object’s status, performance, and behavior.

The goal of building automation is to improve the user experience, boost productivity, save costs, and decrease health and safety hazards. You may rely on AA Technical to deploy such technology!

The Benefits of a Smart Home

  • Installing a Smart Home system provides homeowners with peace of mind. Instead of utilizing several devices to manage appliances, thermostats, lights, and other amenities, owners may control them all with a single device, often a smartphone or tablet.
  • Because they are linked to a mobile device, customers may receive notifications and updates about problems in their houses. Smart doorbells, for example, enable homeowners to view and speak with visitors who arrive at their doors even when they are not there. Users may also regulate and configure the inside temperature, lighting, and appliances;
  • For the expense of installing the smart system, homeowners may save much. Electronic equipment and devices may be utilized more efficiently, saving money on energy.

Intelligent construction technologies are appropriate for professional areas such as factories or office buildings, as well as public infrastructure and residential structures. AA Tehnic offers a one-of-a-kind component, full solutions, or technical help throughout the implementation phase. We can help you in a variety of ways. You may profit from our vast expertise in the Craiova, Oltenia area in assisting customers in the creation of complicated technological systems in the realm of building automation.