Fire control systems

AA Tehnic is a company approved by IGSU for performing installation and maintenance work on signaling, alarm and fire alarm systems and installations.

For multiple purposes (if the protected area has an area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters), like the campus of buildings or industrial park, we offer solutions based on firewalls that are network-connected and integrated into the building management system or the danger management software.

The technical documentation is carried out by the designer on the basis of the fire safety scenario, based on the risk identification and, as the case may be, on the risk analysis, establishing the measures, techniques, procedures and organization of fire detection, signaling and warning installations.

Devices for fire detection and signaling are designed depending on the fire risk, the building’s destination, the importance of the building and the characteristics of the products used.

Detection and signaling systems must be provided for all types of civil buildings, except for individual housing units.

5.1 Fire detection and signaling systems

5.2 Evacuation and ventilation systems

5.3 Fire extinguishing systems

5.4 Emergency evacuation audio systems