Emergency lighting

Have you ever experienced a total power blackout? These experiences can be extremely disorienting and often lead to confusion, and injuries. If you throw in an emergency situation on top of it, such as a fire, they can be incredibly dangerous as they make any evacuation efforts significantly more difficult. Even in the best of cases, they often lead to a reduction in productivity. No one can work if they can’t see what they are doing.

A simple fix to this problem is getting an Emergency Lighting system. They will ensure your space remains lighted during an electric blackout, no matter what the source is. This way you can continue working if the issue is minor, or focus on getting everybody to safety in a coordinated manner in the event of a bigger problem. AA Tehnic can assist you in ensuring you get a quality system.


What Can an Emergency Lighting System Do for Me?

  • Provides constant lightning for the premises even if the main power is affected;
  • Aids in the evacuation of areas in the event of a blackout;
  • Easy to set up;
  • Reduces productivity issues and potential losses related to power failure;
  • Can help reduce insurance premiums in some cases;
  • Energy efficient


An emergency lighting system is a safe investment that can vouch for itself in terms of its importance. If you need one, you should speak with a professional team. Contact AA Tehnic and we will take care of everything for you.