Lightning protection system and earthing socket

Lightning strikes and electrical power surges are far more dangerous than people think. They can cause grievous injuries and are incredibly harmful. They aren’t just a potential risk to the well-being of people, but also highly damaging to buildings and the equipment inside them. A high-power surge could fry your computers, and even lead to fires. Lightning Strikes are natural phenomena that we can’t prevent, so how can you protect yourself and your place?

Installing earthing sockets and a lightning protection system can keep you safe. These systems work by redirecting the electricity away from the building and into the ground where it safely disperses. At AA Tehnic our team of experts can take care of designing and installing such a system for you.


How Can a Lightning Protection System Help You?

  • Protects vital electronic equipment from potential damage caused by lightning strikes;
  • Provides a safe channel for lightning strikes to safeguard the people in the facilities
  • Reduces the risk of injures and/or death;
  • Reduces the possibility of electrical overload;
  • Stabilizes voltage levels;
  • Ensures efficient use of the electrical grid by properly directing electric currents.


A lightning protection system is an ideal way to ensure your premises stay safe while avoiding costly repairs related to lightning strikes. If you are interested in safeguarding yourself from this potential nightmare, you should get in touch with our Team at AA Tehnic. We have the equipment, expertise, and skills necessary for a proper installation.