Smoke ventilation and extraction system

The biggest threat in the event of a fire is not the fire itself. It is the smoke. For decades, statistics have shown that the leading cause of death during a fire is smoke inhalation. Fires produce toxic fumes which can cause eye irritation, shortness of breathing, headaches, and fainting. Continued exposure may lead to even bigger health risks, or even death.

The best way to deal with this threat is by eliminating it altogether. A smoke ventilation and extraction system removes the byproducts of combustion. Smoke, toxic fumes, and heat are extracted from the affected areas and safely expelled outside the building.


Why Do I Need a Smoke Ventilation System?

  • Provides adequate ventilation in the areas installed;
  • Prevents excessive moisture;
  • Works in Conjunction with the IDSAI System;
  • Reduces the risk of asphyxiation in the event of a fire;
  • Aids in fire extinguishing efforts by reducing room temperature of affected areas;
  • Extracts hot air and harmful fumes from affected rooms.


At AA Tehnic, our smoke ventilation installation works in conjunction with the IDSAI system to provide a comprehensive security solution. Contact us today and make sure that, in an unfortunate event, you and your loved ones are protected.