Voice alert and evacuation system

In the event of an emergency, you need people to react calmly, but promptly. Time is of the essence and every second counts. If there is panic and disorder, evacuation efforts would be hindered. People need to know what is happening and how to proceed.

A voice alert system uses pre-recorded messages to guide people away from danger and towards safety. A traditional alarm only makes people aware of a problem, while these systems provide useful information about the event, and how to evacuate.


How Can a Voice Alert System Help Me?

  • Provides clear-voiced instructions to help guide people in the evacuation process;
  • Explains the nature and source of the alert;
  • Eliminates “false-alarm” mentality;
  • Limits the risk of uncoordinated evacuations;
  • Can alert in the case of fires, severe weather, and environmental hazards;
  • Works in conjunction with the IDSAI System;
  • Continues to operate in the event of a power outage.


AA Tehnic is experienced in the deployment of voice alert systems that work in conjunction with the IDSAI installation. We are known for our expertise and professionalism. If you want the best in the industry, contact us today.