Access control (in IDSAE extension)

At its most basic, access control is a way of controlling who and when has access to a certain location. The person entering might be an employee or a visitor who is strolling, driving, or taking another mode of transportation. They have the ability to get access to an area such as a building, a room, or a safe.

The Access Control System (in extension to IDSAE) guarantees security by providing flexible control over who is permitted to enter your facilities.

We generally refer to an electronic security system when we talk about the Access Control system ( in extension to IDSAE). It generally employs an identification, such as an access card, to give people access to certain locations. It may also give vital data to assist you maintain track of how your buildings are being utilized because it can record who accessed where and when. AA Technically, we can assist you in installing such a system!

How Can an Access Control System (in Extension to IDSAE) Help You

  • Removes the need for keys and the difficulties that come with them, such as key loss, a lack of data linked to accessing that door, and the usage of a large number of keys.
  • Digitize the entry / exit process by using cards / fingerprint recognition / keyboards with access codes;
  • Manage access easily and efficiently;
  • Manages the time intervals in which certain people have access;
  • Improves efficiency through integration;
  • Keeps a record of exits and entrances;
  • Can be connected with a burglary warning system and a video system.

Whether you are a renter in a residential complex or the owner of a building with a large number of employees, an access control system (and by extension IDSAE) is a safe and efficient way of managing accesses and exits. In Craiova, Oltenia, we provide solutions supported by years of experience for implementing access control systems that may be coupled with the IDSAE system. Please do not hesitate to contact AA Tehnic and seek a quality offer of the greatest caliber.