IDSAE (alarm – burglary)

Many malevolent people will be deterred from acting if a security system is there. They don’t want to risk getting apprehended by the owner or the police.

A security system is the first line of defense in keeping things safe. Thieves are less likely to target your property if they fear getting apprehended. An alarm system can notify the authorities in the event of an incident, ensuring the protection of both property and assets.

The security systems provided by AA Tehnic allow the owner to monitor what is going on in real time utilizing smart devices. They can send an alarm if the perimeter is breached.

The owner may also remotely arm and deactivate the device. If security cameras are placed in conjunction with the building’s security system, the owner will have a clear image of who is present. AA Tehnic provides comprehensive installation solutions for this sort of equipment.

What Are the Advantages of the IDSAE System (Alarm – Burglary)

  • Rapid detection of a suspected attempted burglary;
  • High degree of efficiency in detecting movements around the perimeter; • Detection and immediate alarm of the owner in real time;
  • Notifying intervention authorities / firms at the same time as alerting the owner;
  • Low prices;
  • It has a weather-protected system;
  • It has a remote alarm;
  • Due to the technology employed, the possibilities of signaling false alarms are limited;
  • It protects valuables.

AA Tehnic has a qualified staff that has installed IDSAE systems for many years (alarm – burglary). We have all of the logistics required to build such a system and provide top integrated security system services in Craiova, Oltenia. Take all required precautions to safeguard your stuff. Contact AA Tehnic right now!