April 21, 2017


AA TEHNIC – integrator of low and high voltage systems

AA Tehnic can solve all your needs related to power supply, security, data transmission or building automation at any stage of construction either:

  • Before construction (at the design stage – the recommended option that will subsequently generate orders, time and money savings);
  • During construction (at the construction site stage – the “classic” version that already generates consumption of various resources);
  • After the immediate completion of the construction (at the stage of delivery to use – the variant involving radio solutions to avoid reopening the site);
  • Or during the subsequent exploitation (long after the stage of the target teaching – the retrofitting variant at the day course involving mixed solutions).

For more details, we invite you to check below the structured solutions in different areas of technical activity offered by our team.

Instalatii electrice de iluminat
The continuation of daily activities after natural lighting hours or their unfolding in spaces protected from natural sunlight requires the existence of artificial lighting installations. Artificial lighting systems are designed to provide luminous microclimate in any medium, whether civil, private or industrial, and must to obey rigorous qualitative and quantitative ...
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Instalatii electrice de electroalimentare
Today any building or operating facility can not function without power supply. AA Tehnic offers complete solutions for low-voltage electrical installations that operate at voltages less than 1KV, respectively 400V and 230V. 2.1 Classical electrical power installations 2.2 Back-up electrical power systems 2.3 Electrical installations for the production of electricity ...
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Due to today's competitive environment, a building automation system is no longer a luxury, but an everyday necessity. Whether we are talking about individual buildings such as office buildings, banks, hotels or building complexes such as malls, university campuses or various industrial platforms, we need an automation system that allows: ...
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Sisteme de securitate
AA Tehnic is a company approved by IGPR for the design, installation, modification or maintenance of components or intrusion alarm systems. Whether it is a commercial space, an education or financial institution, a warehouse or a factory, AA Tehnic provides security systems that can ensure increased protection of the access ...
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Protectie la incendiu, Mentenanta si intretinerea sistemelor de securitate la incendiu, aa tehnic craiova
AA Tehnic is a company approved by IGSU for performing installation and maintenance work on signaling, alarm and fire alarm systems and installations. For multiple purposes (if the protected area has an area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters), like the campus of buildings or industrial park, we offer solutions based ...
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Retele de date, voce si catv
Establishing a new headquarters also involves building a data network that will allow the communication of various IP devices installed in the network (for example, computers will communicate with printers, with video projectors or store data on storage media), and the realization of the voice network that will allows verbal ...
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Sisteme de cominicatii craiova, AA Tehnic Craiova, sisteme interfonie si videconferinta craiova
Communication systems are all the equipment that allows the transport of information between two or more predetermined points (fixed or mobile) with a certain degree of fidelity. Communication systems include: the source of information for broadcast equipment, transmission channel, reception equipment and a destination. AA Tehnic executes the installation of ...
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8.1 Data storage 8.2 Data security 8.3 Peripheral units 8.4 Software applications ...
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Audio video, sisteme de conferinta, home cinema craiova
Different audio and video applications require different approaches. The purpose of any  audio video system is to faithfully reproduce the audio video signal. Whether we are talking about your own home, office, commercial space or conference room, the quality of the audio and video signal must be immaculate to have ...
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Pro audio si lumini
The best way to grow your business is to use professional equipment. The list of audio and light systems solutions that AA Tehnic implements you can found below. 10.1 General Public Address Systems 10.2 Civil emergency address systems 10.3 Audio systems 10.4 Lighting systems for show 10.5 Architectural lighting systems ...
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