Intercom-Video intercom

Behind closed and open doors, a world of sensations awaits: warm greetings, joyous, sad reunions, or just the satisfaction of finally arriving home after a hard day. However, AA Technical’s procedures ensure that you are always prepared for what meets you – even before you enter the door.

A strong first impression begins at the front entrance. You’ll see them before they see you, no matter who comes to visit. AA Tehnic Intercoms-Video Intercoms provide a variety of smart capabilities to keep you informed of both welcomed and undesired visitors, whether at your home, in a residential building, or in an office building.

The Benefits of an Intercom-Video Intercom

Intercom-video Intercom systems have a lot of benefits in a range of sectors. Whether you operate in a tiny office, bank, healthcare facility, warehouse, or big campus, these systems provide practical answers and a sense of security for a variety of purposes, including the following:

  • Crime: The availability of video technology is an effective deterrent to crime.
  • Public health: As the worldwide danger of COVID-19 continues, every firm need an access control system to safeguard the public and assist prevent the virus from spreading.
  • Security: simply check the identification of visitors before they enter the facility and report intruders or security risks discreetly;
  • Security: this form of access control enhances the physical security of workers and consumers;
  • Communication: Take advantage of improved immediate communication between workers, teams, and visitors. Much quicker and more efficient than emailing.

Do you want to acquire an intercom-video intercom? We can help you make the correct selection at AA Tehnic, regardless of the type of system you want to buy or your unique demands, because we have a lot of experience installing these systems in Craiova, Oltenia.