Public addressing (sound system)

A public address system is a sort of audio system. When constructing a commercial sound system, several complex design factors must be considered, such as the size or volume of the room, noise levels, the number of people who will hear the music, and the location of the listeners.

The first and most basic design concern is whether the sound system will be utilized for speech, music, or both. This basic design question is already answered by referring to a sound system as a public address system. The primary objective of a public address system is to produce clear and understandable speech, and we at AA Tehnic provide just that!

The Benefits of a Public Addressing System (Sound System)

  • Public address systems effectively reduce background noise, including conversations, music, and even loud noises. People believe that there is knowledge that everyone around them is about to hear and that they do not want to miss it. A public address system can rapidly and effectively draw attention to itself.
  • The effect of grabbing attention is the same regardless of the speaker’s voice.
  • A public addressing system is instructive, not intrusive, and people will accept it much more readily.
  • A public addressing system is very simple to maintain. The technology has been updated, and installation may now be completed fast. Maintenance is easy, and anybody can be taught how to use the system.


AA Tehnic will assist you with the installation of a public speaker system. We suggest ourselves based on our expertise installing such systems in the Craiova, Oltenia area!