Structured cabling (telephony and internet)

A structured cabling system is an all-inclusive cabling and hardware solution that offers a full telecommunications infrastructure. This infrastructure is used for a variety of purposes, including delivering telephone services and transferring data through a computer network.

Structured cabling is a sort of infrastructure that helps networks run smoothly. It is the binder that connects all of the company’s computers, phones, and other devices, providing a dependable and adaptable answer to a wide range of communication needs.

The significance of structured cabling systems varies per organization, but for the most part, it can provide a highly dependable and cost-effective network infrastructure that will stand the test of time.

We at AA Tehnic make things much easier to handle by utilizing structured cabling solutions!

The Benefits of Choosing a Structured Cabling System (Telephony and Internet)

  • Economical – As new technologies develop, a simple point-to-point cabling solution will no longer suffice;
  • Flexibility – With a structured cabling system, you can simply relocate, add, or alter your company hardware;
  • Dependability – Installing a structured cabling system helps increase your company network’s speed, performance, and reliability;
  • Adaptability – Structured cabling system technology is designed to be flexible to new requirements;
  • Less time necessary to fix mistakes – Unorganized cabling systems make identifying and resolving errors harder;
  • Low-cost – A professionally planned and implemented structured cabling system is one of the least expensive;
  • Better communication.

Structured cabling systems for telephone and the internet, in contrast to the previous point-to-point cable systems, are constantly organized. The early phases of wiring will need extensive planning, but AA Tehnic has years of expertise installing these systems and offers aid in Craiova, Oltenia.