Voice, data and television networks

Establishing a new headquarters also involves building a data network that will allow the communication of various IP devices installed in the network (for example, computers will communicate with printers, with video projectors or store data on storage media), and the realization of the voice network that will allows verbal dialogue between different offices or departments. The CATV network will allow broadcasting of television and/or radio information to new occupants of the headquarters.

Voice data network known like structured cabling network ensure  the interconnection of equipment and access to internal or external information in any office building, school lab, polyclinic or public institution.

The data network can be used as an intranet, extranet or with internet access.

The intranet is a private network accessible only to users of an organization, institution or company, and can offer (or not) internet access only through a firewall. (See Wikipedia link on Firewall)

The extranet is the extension of an intranet network that allows communication between certain locations within this extranet network but which provides limited access to the intranet of these organizations.

The Internet is a network of networks seen as a mass media for its users.

6.1 Data Networks

6.2 Voice networks

6.3 Catv networks – common antenna

6.4 IP networks